Your fur on the green lawn lays as a gentle reminder of your last grooming. From the window looking down the empty bed, basking in the sun. a bone lays under a tree, unmoved for a week now. Food scraps go into the bin. Your bowl sits empty at the back door. Sitting in...

Among Us

We met down in electrical A sneaky kill - quite hysterical Of my innocence I waxed so lyrical Unbelieved, I joined the choir invisible.

Goodbye MMXX

A testing year, longest in history, absurd! Stuck at home, stuck up the nose, stuck in the arm. Too little bog roll, too much zoom, we herd. Some of us buy the farm.

CCL Days of COVO

CCL DAYS OF COVO CCL. Bloody Hell!Our first wave a gentle swell.Oz day eve starts disaese,Aussies back from overseas. CCL. Hey, No Way!Cruisers COVID starts to slay,Sydney struck by it's first boutMelbourne felled by TP drought. CCL, What the F#$!K?Oldies hit by COVO...

Melbourne, City of Jails

My house is a prison Jail of our own making Melbourne, City of Jails Everyone an inmateOur jail is more a home Soul mate for a cell mate We do our time in styleSome get their own Pentridge Alone in a crowded hell. 6 weeks of life behind bars Sentenced, confined,...